E-beam tunnel

Surface decontamination of pre-sterilized tubs

Pre-sterilized containers in tubs are becoming more common due to their reliability and economical advantages in the production process. An electron accelerator (e-beam) is used to sterilize the tub surfaces before it enters the aseptic area.

The development of the e-beam tunnel provides customers with a safe system for nested filling of prefilled syringes.

Before tub decontamination, the complete e-beam tunnel is decontaminated with hydrogen peroxide H2O2 gas, either alone or together with the isolator, after which the external decontamination of the tubs via ionizing radiation can commence. Each tub is transported via a conveyor belt to the isolator and passes through the electron cloud.

Filling Machine SV125 from OPTIMA pharma with METALL+PLASTIC E-beam Tunnel



  • Small foot print for floor space saving (3.000 x 1.500 mm)
  • Light construction based on latest production technology
  • 100% in-house manufacturing enables ultimate quality and GMP compliant design
  • Easy access for maintainance and cleaning
  • Simple and quick exchange of the Emitter through pull-out device
  • Application of radiation resistant and high-end materials
  • GMP-compliant: AISI 316L


  • Average radiation energy on the whole tub surface of minimum 25kGy
  • Adjustable energy dose prevents radiation underneath the Tyvek foil
  • All common tub sizes can be processed, including transparent tubs
  • Throughput up to 6 tubs per minute
  • Controlled tub transfer
  • Supply and exhaust air is filtered through HEPA filters
  • Sophisticated emitters with a long lifetime


  • Producer: METALL+PLASTIC
  • Type description: e250H
  • 3 x 10" electron beam emitter
  • 3 x 150 kV high voltage power supply
  • 3 x high voltage cable

Security aspects

  • No measurable radiation after shutdown
  • Lead shielding prevents leakage of radiation
  • Negative pressure inside the E-Beam tunnel ensures the ozone and NOx extraction

NEW: Emitters – formerly from AEB, now from M+P in Radolfzell



M+P’s compact emitter technology delivers the world’s most efficient, clean, and cost-effective form of industrial process energy. The e250H emitter offers a sustainable alternative to conventional thermal or chemical based processes across a wide range of applications. Manufac-turers can leverage this technology to reduce pollution, decrease energy consumption, and improve productivity.

The e250H leverages M+P’s hermetically sealed emitter platform that enables a highly efficient, low energy electron beam in a modular, compact form factor. Designed for scalability and flexibility, the e250H can be used singly or in multiples depending on application requirements.

Electron Beam Emitter

Electron beam emitter

An electron beam emitter is a device that accelerates free electrons to half the speed of light via high voltage in a vacuum chamber. The accelerated electrons leave the vacuum chamber through a thin permeable membrane and hit the surface, which is to be sterilized with high energy. By passing electrical current through a thin filament inside the vacuum chamber electrons are set free.

Acceleration occurs based on the fundamental principle that like charges repel each other. A high voltage metalplate located behind the filament creates a negative electric field. The electrons located on the surface of the hot filament (which are negatively charged) are repelled by the electric field and are accelerated directly away from both the high voltage metal plate and the filament towards the permeable membrane.

The electrons continue to accelerate as they travel the length of the vacuum chamber until they reach the electron 8-micron thick titanium membrane.