Sterility Test Isolator: STISO

New Standards within Isolator Technology

Sterility Test Isolator STISO

Flexible applications, such as a fast and effective material transfer or a consistent sterility test, accelerate your production process. Product, environment and operator safety as well as a fast and repeatable decontamination process are an important basis for a fast batch release. Metall+Plastic sterility test isolators are designed according to cGMP guidelines. 

The Sterility Test Isolator - STISO was developed by M+P as a Plug & Test isolator and is designed for aseptic (STISO) and aseptic-highly potent (STISOhp) applications.

Key Applications are: 
  • Sterility tests
  • Quality control
  • Weighing and compounding of highly active agents

Sterility Test Isolator: STISO

New Standards within Isolator Technology

pre-configured system for quick installation

ergonomically installed glove ports.

for flexible applications

in the working chamber via integrated cooling system

mechanically, integrated at the side of the housing. Pre-installed test software in HMI.

permits maintenance without any additional safety precautions.

Flexible Anwendungen, wie beispielsweise ein schneller und effektiver Materialtransfer oder ein stabiler Steriltest, beschleunigen Ihre Prozesse in der Produktion.  Produkt-, Umwelt- und Bedienerschutz sowie ein schneller und reproduzierbarer Dekontaminationsprozess sind wichtige Grundlagen für eine schnelle Batchfreigabe. Sterilitätstest Isolatoren von Metall+Plastic werden in cGMP-konformem Design gefertigt.

Der Sterilitätstest Isolator – STISO von Metall+Plastic wurde als Plug & Test Isolator entwickelt und wird für aseptische (STISO), sowie aseptisch-toxische (STISOtox) Anwendungen eingesetzt. 

Key Applications are:
  • Sterility tests
  • Quality control
  • Weighing and compounding of highly active agents


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Flexible Modular System

Customized to Your Needs 

The STISO from Metall+Plastic can be operated from one side. Due to the compact integration, the electrical components are easy to access by means of a pull-out grid from the front. Operation from the front permits a minimum space requirement installation along a wall. Metall+Plastic isolators are designed for small, closed rooms. Glove testing devices and MTC locks at the isolator can be positioned according to your requirements.

The modular system offers high flexibility. The working chamber is available with four glove ports in the standard version. The working chambers are available with four, three or two glove ports. The MTC (Material Transfer Chamber) can be installed both on the left or right and in the upmost version on both sides. This is also available in two sizes in the standard version. This makes the STISO also easy to use in a small laboratory environment.

Standard configuration or adapted to your process…

YOU decide!

Ergonomic Operation

Designed for Optimal Work Conditions

Ergonomics, standing
Ergonomics, sitting

To prevent health and physical stress of your employees and to create a comfortable work environment the STISO are ergonomically designed.

  • Optimal height of operator panel, pivotable and angle adjustable 
  • Sufficient legroom
  • Option to sit during operation (ergonomically designed Swiveable Chair) 

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